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In California, injured employees are not required to prove fault because of the state's no-fault workers' compensation system. As a result, workers' compensation fraud has become common, hurting insurance companies, taxpayers, and the general public. If your company is facing a potentially fraudulent workers' compensation claim, a private investigator can help you verify the claim. Should evidence of fraud be uncovered, the long-term savings to your company will more than cover the short-term cost of hiring your own investigator.

How can Groves Investigations help detect insurance fraud?

Before starting Groves Investigations, I spent over 30 years as a Los Angeles County sheriff. During my decades of detective work for the LA Sheriff's Department, I gained a wealth of experience in investigative and surveillance work. Today, I bring that same experience to you as a private investigator, along with my certification from the Drug Enforcement Administration in Quantico, VA. As a proud member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, my investigative credentials are well established.

When approaching workers' compensation cases, I look for:

  • Pre-existing conditions that negate a work-related injury claim
  • Evidence that injury is less debilitating than reported
  • Indication that injury resulted from employee error
  • Testimony that injury was not sustained at work
  • Past history of fraudulent claims
  • Photograph and video evidence

Knowing what to look for is the easy part. Knowing how to find it is significantly harder. That's where the know-how of a seasoned detective becomes an invaluable asset. For insurance companies and private business owners alike, Groves Investigations can help protect you against fraudulent workers' compensation claims. In a world of abusers, opportunists, and disgruntled employees, there's no shortage of folks looking to make a quick buck. Make sure you are equipped to detect potential fraud.

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